Gnomish Space Marines

Episode 3 and 4: The Arena

Start out with a Consortium of Pirates known as the Triad discussing what to do about the Gnomish Space Marines and the current (Pirate King). Their goal is to reinstate the Sillix Empire, profiting off the celestial war that would inevitably ensue. They believe that The Acting Pirate King Aristotle ‘Bloodclot’ Silverstar is a no longer a true pirate but a politician, and that he has been getting too close to discovering the Triads true aims. They dislike the favor put onto the Gnomish Space Marines, hence why they were sent out to The Weird in hopes of accidentally unleashing the Sillix from their prison. What the players say in this session will be acted upon later on.
a. Sneaky Halfling
b. Murderous and Cruel Tiefling
c. Witty and Charming Half-Elf
d. Intelligent, Cool, Cunning Genasi
e. Power hungry, money loving dark dwarf
f. Slutty, mysterious female Drow

Kalandurren used to be filed with fortified castles and. homes of the exalted and angels of Amoth. The ruins ofthose structures are everywhere, and they haven’t necessarily been picked clean, since demons or Doomguard cut short outsiders’ foraging attempts. The arena is an amphitheater set around a semicircular pit with a 600-foot radius. Below the sands dyed red with blood lie the remains of Amoth’s high altar, which is the focal point of Kalandurren’s law aligned energy. Group combats (with equal numbers of foes on both sides) are as common as individual duels, and the outcome ofa duel-death or mercy-is determined by a pair of six-sided bone dice carried by High Lord Nariche, the current leader of the Doomguard. Enterprising and semisuicidal gamblers from across the worlds venture into God’s Dice Arena. Gambling with demons and Doomguard on the outcome of a fight, or whether the throw of the dice will dispense death or mercy, provides some visitors with a rush that can’t be matched.

There is an element of danger for the audience, however. If at the end of the match Nariche rolls a total of seven on the God’s Dice, as they’re known, the victorious gladiator has won the right to challenge anyone in the amphitheater to an immediate death match in the arena. The winner is entitled to all that belonged to the loser 0ncluding freedom, equipment, coin, and slaves), and the loser is made a slave, if he or she survives. Any spectator can be challenged in this way, strong or weak, and this fact is not always made clear to new visitors.

a. Richard has nightmare during travel
i. Has a psychic link with the Sillix
1. An entire civilization of hive mind crystal creatures clamoring for conquest after eons of restless captivity. People are enslaved and forced to mine the very planets they live on. Creating more weapons of destruction for the Sillix. Families are torn apart, the weak, the young and the old are left behind to rot. This has happened before, and apparently it is happening again.
ii. Critical knowledge check from before
1. Ruthless killers and cannot be bargained with
2. Adaptable to any situation
3. Hive Mind mentality
4. Tactical Origami

c) The Brazen Bazaar is in town
a. Items and such are paid by debt and not money
Roll Debt
1 Murder a helpless person
2 Steal candy from a baby
3 Dedicate your next kill to me
4 Do not heal your dying allies (1d6)
5 Bring 2d8 magic weapons in trade
6 Steal 10,000gp in goods
7 Blindly rage against the nearest shopper
8 Kiss my boot (contract ifrit disease)
9 Become my slave (1d4 days)
10 Sow the seeds of rebellion (2d6 people)
11 Observe evil acts and do nothing (2d4)
12 Ruin a wedding by poisoning
13 Incite a riot (100 people minimum)
14 Become a guard an penalize good deeds
15 Copyright infringement/take credit
16 Call to arms/aid in the future
17 Write/publish a novel of lies
18 Dance with a devil
19 The fall of a king
20 Be blatantly truthful for (2d4 days)

Mike, Vince, and Rick choose not to sell their souls

Eric: riot, steal goods
Brian: steal goods, kill a helpless person, do not stop evil, book of lies
Dan:book of lies, Be blatantly truthful, incite a riot

The PC’s rolled for an Archon battle in a tavern brawl setting
3 Iron Archon Crescent Blade plane below pg 130
3 Iron Archon Interceptor plane below pg 130

Episode 2: The Fall of Brahll

a) ACT 1
a. The original crew must hire crew if new PC’s are playing.
b. The PC’s can roam Rock of Braall for supplies, items, crew etc…
c. What type of pirate do you want to be (merchants or PIRATES!!!)
d. Attend Pirate dinner to discuss Problems of the Bank and other things
i. During speech on round 10, the attack begins

A. Pirate King Battle
a. 3 shadow puppeteer
b. 4 Hex Knights
c. 1 Sillit Nerra
d. Mindscouring Gust Trap originating from each fireplace
e. Turn 1 the Sillix appears and the Pirate King is Stunned
i. Who are you.
ii. That does not matter
iii. What do you want.
iv. It is not what I want but what we want.
v. Fine! What do you want
vi. Everything (the Sillix explodes)
1. +20vs all defenses
2. AC=30dmg, Reflex=prone pushed 5, Fort=15 ongoing 15 radiant dmg, Will=Blind save ends
vii. Many pirates are dead or dying, all the monsters are dead, The pirate King is alive but Stunned and Frozen in place. My only talk. “Take this and personally deliver to Posk the Female Drow on Lham. She will be able to help you. (You notice Silverstar package)
viii. Learn what you can about the planet Xenix and why the flow of money has stopped from the banks

b) Skill challenge to leave Rock of Brall during the invasion of aberrants
a. you can use any skill no skill can be duplicated in a round, a single character can never duplicate a skill
b. 2 rounds, DC of 14=1, 19=2, 29=3
c. Healing surge loss = number of successes
d. Can use the level of a daily to proactively add to the roll
e. Many ships have been destroyed or are under attack. The Gnomish ship has escaped most of the battle because it doesn’t look like a ship at all, but a piece of clockwork junk
f. Need at least 30 to escape without an aberrant fight.
i. 5 Wake Wisp Minions: all DEF at 27, 15 Reflex, dazed, 5 ongoing damage stacks!!!!
ii. 3 Wake Wisp brutes: 70HP,all DEF at 25, +13 Fort, Range 2 reach, 2d8
10, grabbed
g. Can REST after escape

b) Learn what you can about the planet Xenix and why the flow of money has stopped from the banks.
a. Skill challenge to find your way to the bank. You learn from the “The Teller” that the indigenous creatures (elementals) a can adapt (roll a check to see what he means).
b. Any skill can be used a number of times
c. 2 rounds, DC of 14=1, 19=2, 29=3
d. Healing surge loss = number of successes
e. The bank is an opposing sight. Picture a French Chateau in the alps. Tiers of lavish garden crisscrossed with walkways and streams and stone statues. Three stories of immaculate carvings and stained windows depicting Pirate lore. The stable could hold a dozen horse and a carriages. The courtyard does have a picturesque fountain, albeit with a 10-story colossus.

Episode 1: Fate is fickle

Gnomish Space Marines
(to the tune of Yellow Submarine)

In the sphere where I was born,
Lived the oldest gnome I’ve seen,
And he told us of his life
In the Gnomish Space Marines.
So we jammed up to the sun
In our fine well-built machine,
And we joined the stately ranks
Of the Gnomish Space Marines.

Wee all part of the Gnomish Space Marines,
The Gnomish Space Marines, the Gnomish Space Marines.
Yes, we’re all part of the Gnomish Space Marines,
The Gnomish Space Marines, the Gnomish Space Marines.
Got our tinkers all aboard,
All the ones we could afford.
Our kazoo band likes to play. . .
[musical interlude]

We’re all part of the Gnomish Space Marines,
The Gnomish Space Marines, the Gnomish Space Marines.
Yes, we’re all part of the Gnomish Space Marines,
The Gnomish Space Marines, the Gnomish Space Marines.

Create lvl5 characters, Any class, but must be a small race (gnome, pixie, halfling etc). You may pick two magic items, neither of which can be greater than level 5. This adventure takes place in the old Spelljammer scenario.

You are the boarding crew of the HMS The Stars My Destination under Captain Chockablock Ankle Cutter Grease Monkey the Eleventh. Your motto: No one fears the Gnomish Space Marines until they are dead and plundered. Captain Chockablock has recently ‘won’ a treasure horde from a yearly gathering of space pirate captains. Amongst the spoils was a very odd document titled “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” Once relegated to the to-do-list, this document has become the new obsession of the captain. The last page is a hand-drawn sketch of a weathered forgotten citadel circling Toril, the Forgotten Realms Planet. This is your current destination.

Encounter 1: Skill challenge to find the citadel
20 surges at risk (20 success needed) you can use any skill no skill can be duplicated in a round, a single character can never duplicate a skill
2 rounds
DC of 14=1, 22=2

What you see: plateau of an asteroid. Covered in treacherous mountain terrain. No living creature can be seen during your approach. The only place to land is an uninviting port, littered with abandoned and junked spelljammer ships. Off in the distance is a multi-spired keep; carved out of the very asteroid.

Crawling over the ships looks something like mechanical spiders, with gears and cogs and flashes of lightning. While the body of the horror is only about two feet in diameter, the legs give the creature an overall diameter of about four feet. In the front of the body is a crystal that enables the horror to see. Two depressions, one on each side of this lens, serve the horror as hearing organs. Two limbs (located roughly below the hearing dishes) serve as claws.

Perception checks reveal a lack of metal on the ships. Due to the nature of the terrain and creatures, Captain Chockablock sets off to orbit the asteroid as the company sets forth.

Encounter 2: The docks
Abandoned spelljammers crawling with clockwork horrors
Surprised if no perception check is made
1st round= 1A, 1B
2nd round= 1B, 5C
3rd round= 1A
5th round and on= minor action may call upon Ship to lay waste to an area (area burst 1 10dmg, you roll at will vs reflex)

HP AC Fort Ref Will Speed/Init At-will Encounter Encounter
Clockwork horror (A) golem-like (2) 40 18 15 20 12 4 12 AC, 1d66 lightning Close burst1 globe of darkness
Clockwork horror (B) spider-like (2) 40 15 15 20 18 6 Area burst 1 8 Will, 2d44 lightning, slide 1
Allowed a saving throw to regain full HP after first death Minor release 5 minions when dead close burst 3, 10 Fort, 1d88, dazed save ends
Clockwork horror © spider-like (5) 1 20 20 20 20 10 +10 Reflex, grabbed, vulnerable 5dmg, then +5dmg per adjacent horror

Encounter 3: The Chess Set
Picture Yoda’s Hut from Star Wars, only slightly larger with multiple floors. The room you enter is empty but for a pair of chairs flanking an ornate chessboard. Played to a stalemate. You notice that the floor, the pieces, the board have been worn away from use. Upon inspection, no damage can been seen, just wear and tear, and you get an inkling that the pieces have been played with for millennia. Upon the table and off to the side of the chessboard are two wine glasses each with filled with a collection of marbles; in one glass all the marbles are clear, but radiate light, in the other glass are marbles of different colors (some even have a picture or diagram). You notice that the wine glasses are equally full.

With an arcana or religion check: You notice the walls are lined with bookshelves and are filled not with books, but wine glasses. Some empty, some full. In a blink of an eye though, the vision disappears.

Curiosity gets the best of several of the characters and they begin to play. After several rounds an old man’s voice can be heard upstairs, “Lady is that you? Come to finish our game? I did not expect you for another turn or I would have had some tea in the pot. No matter, with my streak, it will only be a matter of moves before I win again.” Coming down the stairs wrapped in a plain white toga is pleasant, middle-aged man, with starry void eyes.

Friendly at first seeing he has company he starts to offer you tea and cookies, or whatever you would like. What houseguest wouldn’t. Then he notices the Chessboard.


Stopping abruptly, he tries to regain composure. “Well, I haven’t had a little fun in a while. I guess it must be FATE which brings you here. “ He chuckles at this last statement. There is a blinding light, and when you can finally see, the man and room have become a giant. At second glance though, it is not they who have grown, but it is you who have been shrunk. You stand upon the ChessBoard of Fate, its weathered wooden and stone surface look all the more real now that you are its pieces. Across the board you see ghostly images of yourself.

Roll Initiative:
The rules:
The enemy is your mirror image. Whatever damage you take, your double takes half. You become that which you touched or moved.

When all looks lost

In strides a woman. Not just any woman, but the epitome of what a woman aspires to be. She exudes, intellect, charm, wit, finesse, and beauty. Wrapped solely in a white toga, her only adornment is a monarch butterfly hair clip. She coolly strides over to chessboard and takes her seat. (Perception roll to hear a familiar sound jingling?)

The man yells, “You here, what are the chances, a million to one?” Upon saying this, the man starts and stares horrified at the woman, who only cracks a smile. Within this smile you see that million to one chance.”

The Lady’s Boon: ask yourself “what is it you desire right now”…. Example choose 1
Immediately spend a healing surge, regain an encounter power, or make a move and minor action.

After the battle Fate says “What have you done? Don’t you know the events you have put into motion. What will the others says.”

Lady says: “I don’t play to win, I play not to lose. It is foolish for the others not to see what was foretold long ago. This is the only way.” (Passive perception to hear a familiar sound jingling?)

You notice that Lady transforms into a female Halfling equipped with pirate clothing, a dagger, and butterfly pin and some dice. “Want to roll some dice?” she says as she strolls towards the HMS The Stars My Destination.


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