Gnomish Space Marines

Episode 2: The Fall of Brahll

a) ACT 1
a. The original crew must hire crew if new PC’s are playing.
b. The PC’s can roam Rock of Braall for supplies, items, crew etc…
c. What type of pirate do you want to be (merchants or PIRATES!!!)
d. Attend Pirate dinner to discuss Problems of the Bank and other things
i. During speech on round 10, the attack begins

A. Pirate King Battle
a. 3 shadow puppeteer
b. 4 Hex Knights
c. 1 Sillit Nerra
d. Mindscouring Gust Trap originating from each fireplace
e. Turn 1 the Sillix appears and the Pirate King is Stunned
i. Who are you.
ii. That does not matter
iii. What do you want.
iv. It is not what I want but what we want.
v. Fine! What do you want
vi. Everything (the Sillix explodes)
1. +20vs all defenses
2. AC=30dmg, Reflex=prone pushed 5, Fort=15 ongoing 15 radiant dmg, Will=Blind save ends
vii. Many pirates are dead or dying, all the monsters are dead, The pirate King is alive but Stunned and Frozen in place. My only talk. “Take this and personally deliver to Posk the Female Drow on Lham. She will be able to help you. (You notice Silverstar package)
viii. Learn what you can about the planet Xenix and why the flow of money has stopped from the banks

b) Skill challenge to leave Rock of Brall during the invasion of aberrants
a. you can use any skill no skill can be duplicated in a round, a single character can never duplicate a skill
b. 2 rounds, DC of 14=1, 19=2, 29=3
c. Healing surge loss = number of successes
d. Can use the level of a daily to proactively add to the roll
e. Many ships have been destroyed or are under attack. The Gnomish ship has escaped most of the battle because it doesn’t look like a ship at all, but a piece of clockwork junk
f. Need at least 30 to escape without an aberrant fight.
i. 5 Wake Wisp Minions: all DEF at 27, 15 Reflex, dazed, 5 ongoing damage stacks!!!!
ii. 3 Wake Wisp brutes: 70HP,all DEF at 25, +13 Fort, Range 2 reach, 2d8
10, grabbed
g. Can REST after escape

b) Learn what you can about the planet Xenix and why the flow of money has stopped from the banks.
a. Skill challenge to find your way to the bank. You learn from the “The Teller” that the indigenous creatures (elementals) a can adapt (roll a check to see what he means).
b. Any skill can be used a number of times
c. 2 rounds, DC of 14=1, 19=2, 29=3
d. Healing surge loss = number of successes
e. The bank is an opposing sight. Picture a French Chateau in the alps. Tiers of lavish garden crisscrossed with walkways and streams and stone statues. Three stories of immaculate carvings and stained windows depicting Pirate lore. The stable could hold a dozen horse and a carriages. The courtyard does have a picturesque fountain, albeit with a 10-story colossus.



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