Gnomish Space Marines

Episode 3 and 4: The Arena

Start out with a Consortium of Pirates known as the Triad discussing what to do about the Gnomish Space Marines and the current (Pirate King). Their goal is to reinstate the Sillix Empire, profiting off the celestial war that would inevitably ensue. They believe that The Acting Pirate King Aristotle ‘Bloodclot’ Silverstar is a no longer a true pirate but a politician, and that he has been getting too close to discovering the Triads true aims. They dislike the favor put onto the Gnomish Space Marines, hence why they were sent out to The Weird in hopes of accidentally unleashing the Sillix from their prison. What the players say in this session will be acted upon later on.
a. Sneaky Halfling
b. Murderous and Cruel Tiefling
c. Witty and Charming Half-Elf
d. Intelligent, Cool, Cunning Genasi
e. Power hungry, money loving dark dwarf
f. Slutty, mysterious female Drow

Kalandurren used to be filed with fortified castles and. homes of the exalted and angels of Amoth. The ruins ofthose structures are everywhere, and they haven’t necessarily been picked clean, since demons or Doomguard cut short outsiders’ foraging attempts. The arena is an amphitheater set around a semicircular pit with a 600-foot radius. Below the sands dyed red with blood lie the remains of Amoth’s high altar, which is the focal point of Kalandurren’s law aligned energy. Group combats (with equal numbers of foes on both sides) are as common as individual duels, and the outcome ofa duel-death or mercy-is determined by a pair of six-sided bone dice carried by High Lord Nariche, the current leader of the Doomguard. Enterprising and semisuicidal gamblers from across the worlds venture into God’s Dice Arena. Gambling with demons and Doomguard on the outcome of a fight, or whether the throw of the dice will dispense death or mercy, provides some visitors with a rush that can’t be matched.

There is an element of danger for the audience, however. If at the end of the match Nariche rolls a total of seven on the God’s Dice, as they’re known, the victorious gladiator has won the right to challenge anyone in the amphitheater to an immediate death match in the arena. The winner is entitled to all that belonged to the loser 0ncluding freedom, equipment, coin, and slaves), and the loser is made a slave, if he or she survives. Any spectator can be challenged in this way, strong or weak, and this fact is not always made clear to new visitors.

a. Richard has nightmare during travel
i. Has a psychic link with the Sillix
1. An entire civilization of hive mind crystal creatures clamoring for conquest after eons of restless captivity. People are enslaved and forced to mine the very planets they live on. Creating more weapons of destruction for the Sillix. Families are torn apart, the weak, the young and the old are left behind to rot. This has happened before, and apparently it is happening again.
ii. Critical knowledge check from before
1. Ruthless killers and cannot be bargained with
2. Adaptable to any situation
3. Hive Mind mentality
4. Tactical Origami

c) The Brazen Bazaar is in town
a. Items and such are paid by debt and not money
Roll Debt
1 Murder a helpless person
2 Steal candy from a baby
3 Dedicate your next kill to me
4 Do not heal your dying allies (1d6)
5 Bring 2d8 magic weapons in trade
6 Steal 10,000gp in goods
7 Blindly rage against the nearest shopper
8 Kiss my boot (contract ifrit disease)
9 Become my slave (1d4 days)
10 Sow the seeds of rebellion (2d6 people)
11 Observe evil acts and do nothing (2d4)
12 Ruin a wedding by poisoning
13 Incite a riot (100 people minimum)
14 Become a guard an penalize good deeds
15 Copyright infringement/take credit
16 Call to arms/aid in the future
17 Write/publish a novel of lies
18 Dance with a devil
19 The fall of a king
20 Be blatantly truthful for (2d4 days)

Mike, Vince, and Rick choose not to sell their souls

Eric: riot, steal goods
Brian: steal goods, kill a helpless person, do not stop evil, book of lies
Dan:book of lies, Be blatantly truthful, incite a riot

The PC’s rolled for an Archon battle in a tavern brawl setting
3 Iron Archon Crescent Blade plane below pg 130
3 Iron Archon Interceptor plane below pg 130



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